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UX for U12s

I am currently making a conscious effort to get out a bit more. That's a depressing thing to say, isn't it? But there's two parts to [...]

An interview with… me!

I recently did an interview with digital recruitment agency Futureheads as part of their Futureheads Five Stories (or FFS for short!), where they "speak to people who have [...]

Designing for content editors

Think of this less as a blog post, and more as a public service announcement. If this was an advert, sad music would be playing as [...]

The user isn’t always right

Right, do me a favour. Go on - it’ll only take a second. Look at your hand. Either one, doesn’t matter which. Now, I want you [...]

Why UX portfolios are a nightmare

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I had a PDF portfolio. It was alright; it had summary pages for the different things I [...]

Are freelancers people too?

I always thought I was a person. A normal(ish), human person who thought and felt much in the same way as other human people. But sometimes, as [...]

How much wireframing is enough?

I recently worked in a contract where, during the interview, I was told that they do not create wireframe documents. Their preferred approach was that the [...]