I recently did an interview with digital recruitment agency Futureheads as part of their Futureheads Five Stories (or FFS for short!), where they “speak to people who have interesting stories to tell, to find out more about their career in the digital world, and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way”.

So here I am: talking about how I got into UX Design, travelling the world as a ‘Digital Nomad’, and my tips for anyone who’s new to UX. Plus there’s a bit about how I feel insisting on co-location is not the way forward! Enjoy, and let me know what you think 🙂

What’s the story of your career so far?

My path into UX Design is a little out of the ordinary. I don’t have a degree in psychology, human-computer interaction (HCI), or… anything at all, actually! When I left school, I was urged to go to university by my teachers – but the problem was that I had no idea what to study. I was good at English and Drama, but there wasn’t anything along those lines that I wanted a career in. So I got a job in a private medical insurer’s call centre to save up some money and go travelling. However, I did pretty well and within a couple of years, I was a Training Consultant, overseeing the southern sales teams. Part of this role was listening in to calls with customers to evaluate and coach the advisors. I noticed that many of our customers didn’t understand what they were covered for, or where they could go for treatment. This meant that when time to claim came around, they were left disappointed or confused. At the time, the company had a reward scheme: come up with a brilliant idea that gets implemented, and win an award. I suggested a members’ app…

P.s. yes, for once I’ve actually used a photo of me! Posing on Ko Lanta island, Thailand. Don’t be too jealous. Be a little jealous, though.