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#PersonasSuck: a presentation for UX Camp Brighton

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I was making a conscious effort to get out there and do things. Well, I did it. My first ever conference talk! [cue ribbons and balloons] This weekend I gave a talk at UX Camp Brighton called, "Personas Suck" or, if we're being professional about this: "Personas: [...]

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UX for U12s

I am currently making a conscious effort to get out a bit more. That's a depressing thing to say, isn't it? But there's two parts to this. The first is that I am a remote worker - which I absolutely adore - but I am currently required to stay in one place because I'm [...]

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An interview with… me!

I recently did an interview with digital recruitment agency Futureheads as part of their Futureheads Five Stories (or FFS for short!), where they "speak to people who have interesting stories to tell, to find out more about their career in the digital world, and the lessons they've learnt along the way". So here I am: talking [...]

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Designing for content editors

Think of this less as a blog post, and more as a public service announcement. If this was an advert, sad music would be playing as the camera pans round to reveal a content editor weeping at their desk, as they attempt to update a page on their company's site for the seventh time. [...]

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Excluding men isn’t doing us any favours

I saw a news story the other day about President Trump signing two congressional bills to get more women into STEM subjects, by forcing NASA and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to boost recruitment efforts and encourage young women to get into these careers. Considering previous evidence we've seen of Trump’s attitude towards both women and [...]

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The user isn’t always right

Right, do me a favour. Go on - it’ll only take a second. Look at your hand. Either one, doesn’t matter which. Now, I want you to think about what is good about that hand, and also what’s bad about it. Look at it in real detail - look at the nails, the cuticles, [...]

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Why UX portfolios are a nightmare

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I had a PDF portfolio. It was alright; it had summary pages for the different things I was into (UX, service design, user research and so on) and then deep-dived into projects in which I had done those things. At that time, I was only [...]

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How much wireframing is enough?

I recently worked in a contract where, during the interview, I was told that they do not create wireframe documents. Their preferred approach was that the UXer (“Architect”, in this case) worked directly with the UI Designer to create a solution that was both user-friendly and beautiful - employing a totally streamlined process. I [...]

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