Project Description

50th Anniversary Commemorative Brochure

When my theatre requested a Print Designer to assist with a special 50th Anniversary programme, I decided to help out. This was by far the most ambitious print design project I’ve completed, being a multi-page brochure without any predefined styles or layouts, and only the website as a style guide.

While I had a brief, I tried to approach the project similarly to designing a website; figuring out what people would want and need to see quickly, and what might be most aesthetically pleasing. In retrospect I could have been more daring with some of the layouts, but for my first ever multipage brochure, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Another challenge throughout the creation of the brochure was managing stakeholders and their requirements. There were several people on the committee for The Questors’ Playhouse 50th anniversary celebrations, all of whom wanted information and anecdotes included in the brochure. Unfortunately, while all of this content was interesting, we did often need to make sacrifices to ensure not every page was just a wall of text, and that the brochure was balanced between sections where we had a lot to say, and those where we had only a little.

This final design was created over multiple iterations working closely with those stakeholders, and I received a thank you in the Chairman’s speech and a credit on the evening (as well as the one for my on-stage performance!).

QLife – Questors members’ magazine

After the success of the Playhouse 50th Anniversary brochure, I was asked if I’d be able to take over the running of the quarterly Questors members’ magazine, QLife. At first this job was simply to be dropping in text and images into an existing template. However, I spotted an opportunity to improve this oft-ignored magazine, and got together a couple of like-minded members to create the magazine’s new production team.

I continue to work on the magazine in my roles as Designer and Co-Editor, occasionally contributing my own content, but usually happy to edit and organise the content of others!

QLife Issue 13, February 2016 – “London”

QLife Issue 12, October 2015 – “A Theatre of Adventure”

QLife Issue 11, July 2015 – “Controversy”

QLife Issue 10, May 2015 – “Amateur”