Project Description

A project to differentiate the entire Vodafone customer service across all channels, using a Service Design approach. Our goal was to redesign the entire customer experience to become seamlessly multi-channel and to add value for Vodafone customers through excellent and intuitive customer service, using technologies that would be available in the coming 3-5 years. Various parts of this project have already started to appear in the public domain.

I was initially brought onto this project to work on the collation of research and insights from Vodafone’s local markets, feeding this in to the Lead Service Designer, Matt Watkinson, and allowing him to concentrate on pure design work. This work initially sat in the Group Online team, before being moved to a new Group Cross-Channel area. I quickly moved into a design role, which involved identification of significant factors and profiling, followed by experiential and emotional modelling based on these profiles. Out of this background work came detailed, cross-channel customer journeys with identified pain points, baseline and potential ‘wow’ moments, plus a list of identified propositions and recommendations.

The Lead inducted and mentored me in this role until he was confident that I should start producing concept work and wireframes for the project a few weeks later. From this point, I worked with himĀ as a designer for the project – and when he left to write his book at the end of March 2012, I took over the design work in its entirety.

By the time I finished my contract with the team, I had delivered the majority of concept designs and background work, plus analytics and requirement documentation, whilst also consulting on the design of other stages of the customer lifecycle. Many concepts are now live around the world, with more in review and development. Unfortunately, though the team expressed that they wished to keep me working on the project for longer, internal restructure meant that this was impossible.

Please note: the images on this page have been purposefully uploaded in a low resolution, at the request of the client.

Background work

Concept designs

Stay tuned! More details coming soon.